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Online newsletters can help charities further their missions
Many charities are increasingly turning to e-mailed newsletters to help them reach out to their supporters: to educate them (along with the news media and government officials), to spur them to advocacy, and to encourage donations. They can also help charities save on printing and mailing costs, compared to print newsletters.
How LBN can help you with online newsletter marketing
Here’s how LocalBizNetwork can help you as non-profit organizations, with your newsletter campaign.


The South Asian Real Estate Association of America has a mission to promote the general success of South Asian American real estate professionals by providing them opportunities to network with fellow real estate professionals.
Lions Club
The Bay Area Indo US Lions Club keeps in touch with their members by using our E-Newsletter service. Lions Club also uses LocalBizNetwork for their announcements and charity events.
ABWA has long been accepted as one of the leading business women’s associations in the U.S. LBN sends monthly E-newsletters to all the members of ABWA to keep them updated on
the activities of the organization.
Online newsletter marketing can help in fundraising for Non-profits
Non-profit organizations need funding for a variety of reasons, from hosting an event to providing services to paying staff salaries, just like their for-profit counterparts.

While most non-profits are not selling products, they are selling their organization's mission, their ideas, their programs, and their services. Developing and maintaining a visible and credible identity through marketing will increase local support for your organization.

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Our Clients
• Indo-American Lions Club
• Council of Indian American    REALTORS
• Bay Area Birth Info
• Business Network    International
• South Asian Real Estate    Association of America
• Nourish a child
• Acts in Motion
• South Asian Housing Assistance    Resource Agency of America

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