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Online newsletter marketing can help in fundraising for Non-profits

Many non-profit organizations believe their programs will sell themselves based on their inherent worth. Unfortunately, even the best of programs will fade into obscurity unless non-profit management intentionally makes other groups, associations, businesses, and individuals aware of their mission and continuously maintains that level of awareness.

How many people in your community are aware of the good work of your organization? Effective communication and a consistent image also enhance the ability of non-profit organizations to raise money. If local community members do not have an intimate awareness of the good work that a non-profit does, it is unlikely that they will contribute to a fund raising campaign. In turn, if private foundations do not see financial support at the local level, they may be less inclined to award grants. Foundations also look at grant proposals to see how an organization plans to communicate the results of their programs. Marketing is an on-going strategy that can build financial partnerships.

Regardless of an organization's size or mission, a periodic newsletter is essential for successful marketing that will work to build community awareness and support.

It is important to maintain consistent communication by way of newsletters. In your newsletters, you could let your supporters, donors, and community members know about your good work. Spell out the ways in which donations have directly supported your mission. This will reinforce your message and help forge a stronger relationship between your target audiences and your efforts.

Online newsletters can help charities further their missions

E-Newsletters require just as much of a commitment and time as do their printed counterparts.

Determining a newsletter's frequency depends on a charity's resources. But it also has to do with how much news you have. Monthly may be often enough for most charities to reach readers online, at least for starters.

Newsletters help you find and cultivate people who want more of a relationship with you, since most donors aren't yet comfortable with donating online.

How LBN can help you with online newsletter marketing

Once you sign up with us, we will take care of everything for you, unlike the do-it-yourself newsletter sites, which require a lot of effort on YOUR part.. We make the entire process hassle-free, so you can concentrate on the other activities your non-profit demands. The content for the newsletters could be given by you, or you could leave it up to our team at LBN who can do it for you. Our designers can come up with great looking newsletters, and our writers will put forth your communications in a crisp and interesting manner.

We will maintain your database of contacts, to whom we will email the newsletters every month.


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