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JUNE 2007


LocalBizNetwork is in the final lap of development with Challengersclub.com, a brand new golf portal that connects golf partners worldwide. We are very proud to announce the launch of this site on July 16, 2007. Challengersclub.com is being tested and supported by some of the most renowned PGA golfers. Watch out for more action on this domain! Sports Lovers can now invite any golfer located anywhere in the World to a game of golf, rate the player, comment on his/her game, buy exciting golf merchandise and do so much more – all online!

LocalBizNetwork is also a supporter of Junior Golfers worldwide. The site will be promoted at the World Junior Golf Tournament to be held in San Diego at the Welks’ Resort from July 16 to July 19.

LBN's Philanthropic activities:

"Time and money spent in helping men do more for themselves is far better than mere giving."

- Ford, Henry Industrialist and Founder of the Ford Foundation (1863-1947)

A Centre for the blind in Santa Clara - www.visionbeyondsight.org, Bay Area Indo American Lions Club – www.indoamericanlionsclub.org, Manolayam - a Senior Citizens’ Home in an Asian country are some of the organizations that have the benefit of LocalBizNetwork’s Web Services. LocalBizNetwork is currently working on helping the education system in the island of Tobago. LocalBizNetwork constantly strives to offer support and helpful services in the sphere of online development and marketing.

- Indu Jayakumar

Did you know that LBN offers a host of marketing services that a small business owner could use, to promote his/her products and services?

1. LocalBizContact.com
In order to ensure repeat customers, it is very important to keep in touch with them. LBN helps you do this by offering the E-Postcard service, which you can use to send to your client base regularly. You could give them information regarding discounts, upcoming events and generally anything regarding your business, which might be of interest to them. You could do this yourself or if you prefer, LBN will do it for you.

2. E-Newsletters.biz
E-Newsletters are another way to keep in touch with customers. LBN offers the E-newsletter service, which helps you send monthly newsletters to a large client base. LocalBizNetwork's expert marketing team will help you in preparing content for the Newsletters, if you prefer.

3. LocalBizSoftware.com
Do you have a great idea for an online business? Are you wondering how to go about it? LocalBizNetwork can help you with this too, by developing the online business for you - whether it is an E-learning system where you can tutor students from home or an E-commerce website that sells various products. Just let us know your ideas and requirements and we can get it done for you.

For more details on the services offered, visit LocalBizNetwork. The services are offered for a small and reasonable fee, and some of them are actually totally free. So take advantage of these tools and services to promote your business.

How do you market on the Internet?

Much has been written on this subject, so let’s not go into the specifics.

This Testimonial from a happy customer will give you an insight into LBN’s strengths.

"Working with Local Business Network on my web site has been great! The development team was in constant contact with me, keeping me up to date, informed, and gathering my feedback. They created everything I asked for on my web site, even if it was a feature LBN hadn't done before. If I wanted a function on my site, I got it. I was never told it couldn't be done. LBN conformed to my business needs, and made a completely custom site. I couldn't be happier with the result! I want to thank the LBN staff for such a wonderful job on this project. I am sooooo pleased with the results! I think I finally have the right tool to be doing business on the Internet!"

- Kelly Abbott

Every company, big or small, needs to have a marketing budget. Otherwise, you are really not in control of your business. 30% of your revenue should be set aside as 'marketing dollars'. This can be for Internet marketing, Print Advertising, Display Ads, Tradeshows etc.

LocalBizNetwork is an International Marketing and PR company that focuses on promoting your products and services online, in creative ways.

LBN does not stop with just creating a nice and functional website, but also markets your website using various techniques that help your website rank well in major search engines, rather than get lost in cyber space. LBN gives you so much more value for money with its marketing packages, which are specifically designed for small biz owners, like no other company does.

Click here to Download Flyer. Mail with required details to LocalBizNetwork. Early Birds win exciting prizes!

LocalBizNetwork has specific marketing teams that work on various sectors of the small biz industry.

Real Estate
Small Product/Service business and many other sectors. Our proven techniques are sure to increase business.

Web Marketing is effective and profitable - don't let anybody convince you otherwise! Today a number of companies and individuals from all over the world use the Internet to sell their products/services and make good money relatively easily.

Effectively balancing work and family

It’s the month of May and we recently celebrated Mother’s Day. LocalBizNetwork appreciates all Moms who work tirelessly in their offices as well as homes. LBN especially lauds Work at Home Moms who are multi tasking heroines who juggle all kinds of work with ease and aplomb. Many moms these days are redefining the stay-at-home experience by using today’s technology to have a good job while at the same time managing their home and family.

Is it a myth or can one really have it all (balancing work and family)?

Yes! I believe that one can balance family and work. I’m a work-at-home Mom with two young children (5 and 2-and-a-half), and a great job at LocalBizNetwork (Thanks to their flexi-time arrangement), one that I completely enjoy! I think the key is flexibility, focus and balance. Keeping a basic list of what has to be done and when, is a helpful start. Prioritizing tasks is important too. Luckily for me, my children seem to understand my work habits, and are generally accommodative – so, when I have an important report that needs to go right away, I communicate the same to them, and help them keep busy with some activity like painting or watching a good cartoon movie, while I get my work done.
- Nancy Khatri, LocalBizNetwork
Schedule and Prioritize

When you work at home you wear many different hats during the day – chef, chauffer, tutor, maid, webmaster, entrepreneur and mommy! Is it possible to do everything you need to in one day? I often find myself running out of time each day and wondering where all the hours went.

One of the first things you can do to manage your time more effectively is to try and create a schedule. This will work well some days, but not others. However, if you have it written down it is much easier to get back on track the following day. Start your schedule by first listing the fixed items. For example, if you have school-going children, you have definite drop off and pick up times. Next block off times for general tasks like cleaning, web design, cooking, phone calls, etc. I find this easier than trying to be really specific. I have learned that working on each area a little each day makes the week go a lot smoother and gets more accomplished.

Courtesy: http://wahm-business.momswithaspine.com/2006/05/

Spend less on marketing and get much more!

Are you a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, owner of a pet store, or that neighborhood church? Are you a small business person running a local business that is struggling to be found by people a block or a mile or five miles away?

Have you thought about your marketing strategy? Have you looked at the option of Internet marketing? If you haven’t, time to stop and think about it.

These days Internet marketing is becoming a business imperative because the Internet is an irrevocable and unstoppable trend. Even if you have a traditional 'brick-and-mortar' business, you’ll lose valuable customers without an online presence. People routinely “search the Internet” for goods and services with their computers instead of the yellow pages. If your business isn’t on the web, customers will likely choose another company with whom to do business.

Internet marketing has a definite advantage to traditional marketing, as online advertising is cheap. Advertising in the phone book or a newspaper is expensive. It could cost you $300/ per display ad in a local newspaper reaching local audience who happen to read the paper that day. Then that newspaper is thrown into the trash bin and your ad is history.

But, LocalBizNetwork offers you so much more in Internet marketing services for just $300/month. Our Internet marketing strategy encompasses - Search Engine Optimization, Reciprocal links with relevant sites, E-Newsletters, Press Releases, Blogs, and Industry-specific vertical directories and classified sites, and much more.

Besides being inexpensive, Internet marketing gives you a wider reach. Take advantage and adopt the Internet marketing strategy today – your business is bound to expand and some day your business could become a country-wide enterprise or maybe even global!
Virtual Teams Overcoming Time and Geography

Virtual teams enable organizations to use the best talents from across the globe, made possible by the fast-developing communication technology, and they are definitely here to stay.

Working as part of a virtual team at LocalBizNetwork, and managing another small team of my own, I can say that this truly is a wonderful and novel work experience. Virtual jobs, like other regular onsite jobs, come with their own set of challenges – mostly communication, and that is probably what makes it all the more interesting. On a personal level it has helped me improve my management and communication skills.

Tips on how to Lead and Manage Virtual Teams

A virtual team is a group of people, working together towards a common goal, who are based in different locations, and who mainly communicate electronically rather than face-to-face. Here are some tips on how to lead and manage a virtual team, which I find myself applying in my work everyday:
The virtual team must have clear goals. The success of all teams - virtual or onsite - depends on clarity of goals.
Team members must be able to see the whole picture, as well as focusing on their own role within the team.
Communication is essentially between people (with technology providing the medium), so the management of virtual teams is much more about people than technology.
There needs to be a shift of emphasis away from managing and controlling to leading and inspiring, since the leader is not able to manage people in detail, but can point out the way forward and help people to make their own way towards the corporate objective.
Since close supervision is almost impossible, trust is essential.
Establish team norms for responding to emails, for example within 24 hours. Even if you cannot provide a full answer, you can at least let people know you are working on it. Otherwise there can be a feeling that an email has fallen into a 'black hole'.
Be aware that it is extremely easy to sound unfriendly, blunt or rude when communicating by email, even though this is not the intention. This is because communication is made up of four elements, three of which cannot be communicated via email: written words; pitch or tone; non-verbal signals (body language); and attitude. Comments that are made in jest with a wink or a smile in a meeting could very easily be misinterpreted in an email.
Finally, say 'thank you'. People respond positively to thanks for their individual contribution to the team and the project. Team members require recognition and encouragement even if, indeed especially if, they are working at a distance from their manager.
The principles of managing virtual teams well are not much different from the principles of managing anybody or anything well. Virtual project teams achieve success when the leaders and members put forth the extra effort to overcome communication barriers.
– Banu Sridhar Director, Internet Marketing
What in heaven’s name is a dotmobi?

The .mobi is the first domain name dedicated to deliver the Internet to your mobile phone, PDA or any other handheld device. This .mobi is a Top-Level Domain (TLD) approved by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

It is created by several big global parties (like Vodafone, Nokia, T-Mobile, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Google, Microsoft) as the standard for websites for mobile usage. The .mobi technology guides mobile users to made-for-mobile Internet content and services that can be accessed with ease on smaller screens. It makes the mobile device as useful as a PC for browsing the Internet and find businesses when you are on the move. Productivity will no longer be tied to the desk. With worldwide 4 times as many mobile devices as PC's, the potential is unimaginable. Imagine yourself checking out your doctors accomplishments before an appointment while on the train, checking the menu of a local restaurant, checking out a bed and breakfast for an important stay with your sweetheart, buying a birthday gift for someone at work while waiting in line for the bus, quickly blogging about the latest movie before a meeting, or even watching live scores while waiting for your next flight. This is just a tip of the iceberg. The prediction is that, in a few years some ranges of websites will be more often visited by mobile users than by desktop users.

What should you do to promote your company on mobile devices?
Register your .mobi business URL today.
Check to see how your current website shows up on a mobile device – chances are it will be distorted.
Call LocalBizNetwork to help you with a .mobi website that can be accessed by any mobile device faster than a .com.
There are hundreds of companies being funded for streaming mobile content effectively. Get your business on the mobile bandwagon early on and let the future .mobi search engines index your sites first!
From the desk of Meg Kumar, Managing Director.

The ‘Me I see, is the Me I’ll be’

Last week, LocalBizNetwork’s skilled team were motivated by Human Resources Guru, Dr. V. Bhaskaran, at an offsite workshop on Team Building. It was fun filled, informative and self-analytical. LocalBizNetwork is now planning regular activities for its workforce, to foster effective communication face to face and not through IM windows and Forums!

Stop wearing so many hats!

I would like to share this article, which I read recently, and it has changed my perception of managing this office in a positive way

Knowing what you are good at and what tasks are not productive uses of your time, is a major key to small business and entrepreneurial success.

This is a hard concept for most entrepreneurs and small business owners to grasp because by nature we are wired to do things ourselves. BUT, it is very important to learn this lesson early if ultimate success is your goal.

So check out these tips below.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to stop doing things ourselves and start leading others to do those things for us. Here are some steps to effective delegation:
Stop trying to do everything. Select, instead, competent candidates to handle facets of the project
Foster the success of your delegates by showing each of them how they might create the results you want, and then proffer your trust that they can get the job done
Watch their performances and coach them on how to improve
Give them the opportunity to provide feedback and follow up on any suggestions
Don‘t forget to give praise, feedback and to celebrate their successes
Do you want to feature your business in LBN's monthly newsletters?

Write to us today!

Why is your website missing on Google?

180 million Americans use the Internet to find services and products. So if your business website is not appearing on the major search engines like Google, you definitely need to work on finding ways to make it appear for the health of your business. Below are some common search engine facts that LocalBizNetwork has put together for you. It is important for every business owner to know these facts.
1. Google does not guarantee that every URL manually submitted would be indexed, regardless of how many times you try.
2. Google regularly rejects sites because no other relevant web sites link to them.
3. Quality of the site is not just up to the Google mark.
4. Google rates sites as ‘low quality’ and ‘spammy’ – and these sites will automatically be rejected from the search engines.
5. Google will ‘sandbox’ newly indexed sites for about nine months essentially delaying their ability to compete for top rankings on popular search terms.
6. Changing web addresses is a sure way to make the spiders mad and throw the site altogether from the searches for a while.
7. Registering a 100 URLs and pointing all of them to one site is NOT a good idea.
What does LocalBizNetwork do to increase traffic to a website?

One of the techniques that LocalBizNetwork does is to exchange ‘high-quality links‘ for all its customers. This is an extremely time consuming process. Our team will constantly scour the web for relevant sites to exchange links with rather than random sites. Search engines are sophisticated enough these days to identify ‘junk‘ links and their spiders will reject them. Search spiders think exactly the way a human brain does. I am sure when you are looking at a site you would be interested in sites that are relevant to the topic that you are browsing instead something totally random. Now for a business owner to sit in front of the computer for hours writing to other webmasters of relevant sites is too time consuming. It definitely pays to hire a professional company to do this on a regular basis and monitor the progress via clear detailed reports. Call LocalBizNetwork for more information on Internet Marketing.
From the desk of the LBN President:

Traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland for a week to visit my daughter was a true educational experience for me. My personality and interests made me concentrate on the local economy and the health of the local businesses rather than the countless beautiful castles and museums that the guidebooks stress. My experience at the Chamber of Commerce of Edinburgh was very interesting. The chamber was bustling with activity in a modern building at the city center. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. The city has a population of 450,000. Its economy is growing tremendously in the areas of life sciences, human health and medical science. The Chamber regularly invites businesses from other countries to interact with the local businesses. I was truly appreciative of the fact that the government takes the trouble to encourage and help women business owners. I hope other governments would look into this model to encourage the local small business owners.

SEO is not Rocket Science

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of marketing your business on the Internet by optimizing your website to feed the spiders in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. These hungry spiders have to be fed a good meal everyday. If you starve them even for a day, the spiders will find their meal elsewhere, quite possibly in your competitors kitchen! There are so many companies out there pitching complicated algorithms claiming to have cracked the mystery of placements in search engines. Well, they are just claims. SEO is an Art and not Science. The art of marketing a business in the online world requires patience, a unique talent in comprehending the business objectives and the target market, and managerial skills in coordinating and orchestrating the efforts of many unique marketing skills into one huge effort.

People ask me all the time if they could do the Internet Marketing themselves and if LocalBizNetwork would teach them those skills. Internet Marketing requires many skills - not just one! Some of the skills required are:
1. Time to sit in front of your computer and constantly promote your products/services.
2. Ability to understand your target market.
3. Knowledge in understanding the means to reach this target market.
4. Excellent writing skills.
5. Patience and creativity to pick every relevant keyword pertaining to your business (as well as negative keywords).
6. Patience to write the articles with these relevant keywords sprinkled throughout the article.
7. Patience and time to browse the Internet all day finding relevant sites for exchanging links.
8. Patience and time to constantly change the content on your main website for better search results.
9. Patience and time to research blog sites and post blogs about your business to a target audience.
10. Courage and budget to give your credit card number to Google in hopes of great returns.
A business owner has to make a decision on whether he hires a reputed company like LocalBizNetwork in order to market his business on the Internet or try to do it himself in his spare time. This is entirely a personal decision depending on the goals of the business. SEO is the future and it does work!

LBN’s Free Services!

Have you visited our website lately?
There are so many FREE services, which you can use to promote your small business. Start using them. There are so many already benefiting from us.

Just add in your information and the companies that want to be your Power Partners, will send you a postcard. Use this tool and watch your business grow!

View all upcoming events in your region by choosing the appropriate state and county. Make use of this tool to enhance your business!

Click on this link to see what else LBN offers.
LocalBizNetwork Wishes Small Biz Owners a very Prosperous and Successful 2007!

The LBN team has lots of news to share with you.

Padma Chari, our Executive Vice President just returned from a great vacation. This is what she has to say, about her trip to Exotic Egypt.

"I finally made it to the Land of the Pharaohs, the Obelisks, the last standing ancient wonder of the world, and a land of culture that is probably as old as the Indian Culture. Egypt was blessed with an abundance of very knowledgeable people, who had documented their findings on Papyrus. They were the people who discovered Chemistry, Planets, Herbal medicine and very impressively elevated women to the position of ‘God’ for their ability to give birth to life. This is a land full of temples, built with great care and meticulous attention to details so that every line and marking is significant. This was a land where, it appears, compared to when someone was alive, more importance was given to their afterlife.

A truly amazing experience to actually see a civilization that had flourished on the banks of a river and trying to understand what it would have been like where life existed by and because of it. Egyptians are very friendly. They love to bargain and have enough variety in souvenirs and goods to keep even an unenthusiastic shopper busy for many days at a stretch. It was fascinating to see man; donkey, buffalo, camels, and fields all coexist, very happily. The Egyptian cotton and carpet weaving are not to be missed. And last but not the least, the Dam on the River Nile is a mammoth structure and has its own stories and history."

Please email us at info@localbiznetwork.com for information about this or any other destination. We would love to help you see more of the world and discover the wonders within it.

LBN introduces Telemarketing Services!

We have a trained team to make calls to businesses as well as consumers. You can sell products, services, generate leads and basically spread the word about your small business.

LBN’s telemarketing team will make outbound cold calls and do all the initial marketing talk. We will give you the database of interested leads so that you can follow up and clinch the deal.

We have different packages to choose from:

Option 1
Telemarketing Services: 5000 outbound calls per month.
Price: $0.10 cents per call/no initial set up fee.

Option 2
Telemarketing and Monthly E-Newsletters: Telemarketing Services coupled with Monthly E - Newsletters set in an attractive template, suitable to your business category will be sent to your database so that you can keep in touch with the existing clientele.
Price: $600 per month/$99 initial set up fee.

Internet Marketing is still our very important service!

Just having a beautiful website is not enough. You need people to visit that website and actually buy your products or services. LBN will help you get targeted visitors.

You can choose your package according to the size of your pocket. Remember LocalBizNetwork knows that the small biz owner always works on a limited budget. So if you do Internet Marketing with us, it will NOT cost the Earth!

We concentrate on these services so that your website ranks in the first page of top search engines. Our packages start from as low as $99 per month!
1. Submission of keywords to search engines.
2. Optimizing your website by cleaning up the code.
3. Creating boutique URLs with your business specific keywords.
4. Exchanging links with other websites.
5. Blogging about your business.
6. Submission of your business to various directories.
7. Sending monthly E-Newsletters.
And much more!

Call 408-741-8184 today!
LBN’s Free Services!

Have you visited our website lately?
There are so many FREE services, which you can use to promote your small business. Start using them. There are so many already benefiting from us.

Just add in your information and the companies that want to be your Power Partners, will send you a postcard. Use this tool and watch your business grow!

View all upcoming events in your region by choosing the appropriate state and county. Make use of this tool to enhance your business!

Click on this link to see what else LBN offers.
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